Top 3 Beginner Disc Golf Sets that are really awesome discs

When it comes time to purchase a set of discs to learn the sport there are three major brands to look at. Innova, Discraft, and Dynamic Disc. Besides being readily available let’s talk a little about why I think it’s good to stick to these beginner disc golf sets.

The three brands I recommend and why

The three brands I recommend for beginners in no particular order are Innova, Discraft, and Dynamic Disc. While there are some other great manufacturers out there when it comes to a set of disc these three have it dialed in. These companies have put in the time and have the experience to assemble a great set for beginners. They know which discs in their vast inventory are best for those who are just learning the mechanics behind throwing a disc. If you’re going to buy a beginner set I’d stick to Innova, Discraft, and Dynamic Disc for their familiarity with the sport and its players around the world.

Buying from these reputable manufacturers have great benefits

  • Easy to find online
  • Easy to find in stores
  • The majority of players use these brands
  • You’ll likely stick to one of these brands in the end.
  • PDGA approved disc
These disc manufactures are easy to find online and in stores and are the brands most professional and casual players alike use. I would highly recommend not buying cheap discs from retail stores like Walmart and Target that want to sell you some cute little plastic basket to go with them. Look for the PDGA approved stamp on the box to make sure you’re buying a reputable disc. One more benefit of using these disc brands is most other players are using these discs. I know I said that before but the reason that’s a good thing is when you get better and like a certain disc other players will be able to recommend a similar disc to your throwing style and disc preference. Using other great brands but lesser know limits that conversation as many players may not be aware of your obscured brand choice.

Why buy them in a set

It’s the quickest way to get going! Buy one, two, or three sets for your friends and family, and you’re ready to have fun on the course. If you’re at the sporting goods store and you see the sets grab em and go so can you spend more time playing instead of looking at the cool graphics and colors of the disc. It can be overwhelming to try to pick the right disc from a selection without knowing anything about disc golf, to begin with. But seriously. These brands know the discs and what it means to be a beginner to the sport. They’ve handpicked these disc NOT because of their cheap or affordable. They’ve selected these discs because they’re the easiest disc to learn with. As you progress in the sport you’ll likely spend your time searching for new discs and price comparing shops etc. While you’re just starting out the awesome sets help you get started quickly. I myself started here and purchase them for my kids and recommend them to friends and beginners all the time. Can you imagine taking everyone’s advice to go get this disc and or start with this or that disc weight? “What? Discs have weights?” Yeah, they do. You’ll hear so many weird names and numbers your head will likely spin. Get the set and learn all that jargon afterward if you want to learn more about the sport. On the note of disc weights, I wrote a little bit about how those weights affect your throws. Click to read Understanding disc golf discs weights will improve your throws.

What makes them beginner discs?

Beginner discs usually have a few characteristics that make them great starter discs.
  • Slower Speeds
  • Lighter weights
  • Beginner plastic
  • Affordability
A lower speed disc only means that you don’t have to throw it as hard to get a nice flight out of the throw. Lighter weights are easier to get up to speed because they’re lighter. The beginner plastic is easier to grip and keeps a nice stable flight. Finally, affordability is a great option when you’re just starting out. These are great reasons to call these starter discs but have no doubt about it that even the pros use the weights, molds, and plastic types on some occasions. In no way are you buying cheap a disc that doesn’t really work. These discs can last you quite a while as you improve.

What comes with a beginner disc golf set?

Starter sets like these recommended below come with three common disc molds that are used in a round of disc golf. They are your Driver, Mid-Range, and Putter. Here’s exactly what comes with each set.

Innova Beginner Set

Driver: Leopard Mid: Shark Putter: Aviar Plastic: DX Click To Get Them On Infinitediscs Click To Get Them Fast On Amazon

Discraft Beginner Set

Driver: Beginner Driver Mid: Beginner Mid Putter: Beginner Putter Plastic: Varies Click To Get Them On Infinitediscs Get Them Here On Amazon

Dynamic Starter Set

Driver: Breakout Mid: Proof Putter: Gavel Plastic: Prime Click To Get Them On Infinitediscs Get Them Fast On Amazon

Buying beginner sets with friends or a family

When you’re buying multiple sets because you’re playing with friends and family it could be a great idea to buy them from different brands. This way you can get to learn the differences between manufacturers and their plastic types. One disc shape and its feel just might fit your grip and style better than another. Share with each other and give each disc a good throw. Give each putter a good grip and some decent throws at the basket. Knowing which brand putter you like is something that takes time, yes, but again, how it feels in your hand is a great way to narrow down the options.

How much do they cost?

As you can see from above that an entry set is very affordable. Under $25 is a great entry cost for a new sport. They’re all you need. Avoid all the extras till later when you’ve grown to like the sport. These brands make more advanced sets as well which you may have seen that aren’t too overpriced. Save these till you’ve had some time with your beginner discs. These advanced discs usually require quite a bit more technique and know-how to get a good throw out of them. Their plastic is usually a little more overstable too and beginners will find it harder to keep these disc in the air.

What if I don’t like my new disc?

If you don’t like your discs my first question would be did you throw them enough? Disc golf is challenging! To get a nice flight out of a throw takes a little bit of time even with a beginner disc. Make sure you give them a good go before letting them go. If you’ve gotten some use out of your discs you obviously can’t return them. If you’re not happy with your new set don’t just let them sit around. Give them to a friend and introduce them to the sport. They make perfect discs to keep on hand for a random friend to play a round with you. Donate them to a second-hand store so they can get more life out of them. They are plastic and we want to recycle as much as possible and do our part.

Put your name and number on them

So you’ve got your shiny new disc and more than likely, not every throw will go as planned. You may throw a disc and it seems to travel forever never to be found. Sometimes your disc just falls into a bush just over the way and when you get there it’s like a portal opened up and swallowed your disc. You and your buddies can be searching for what seems like forever and for just some reason can’t find it. Trust me! lol ;( This is why we always, ALWAYS put our name and number on our discs. It’s not a guarantee someone will find it and return it but your chances are higher because we all know that feeling of losing a disc that you loved. Make sure your phone number and name are legible and be willing to work with whoever finds your disc and takes the time to return it.

Get out and throw them!

Now that you’ve got your new disc you’re ready to get out there and play. Don’t just play, throw throw throw! The more throws you can get in the more you’ll learn about your discs and what they do and what you can make them do. If you need help finding new courses to play on check out this article I wrote you may find helpful. How to find disc golf courses.

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