How to find disc golf courses

The best way to find disc golf courses near you is to use the Udisc app. Not only will it show you courses but includes extra information like the course layout, difficulty, and whether the course is private or public.

Find new courses wherever you are

Thankfully with things like google and an awesome growing disc golf community finding new disc golf courses to play is pretty easy today. While you’re traveling or around your hometown it’s good to know where the courses are.

Finding new courses to play on will not only make the sport more enjoyable but improve your game as well. No two courses are alike and each has its own unique views and challenges. Having new shots to go after and a variety of obstacles around, help you learn new throws, and looking at each new approach shot differently.

Many of the online resources used to search for courses use the same database, so many of them come up with very similar results. So whichever approach you use you’re bound to find a new course near you when you’re traveling or in your neighborhood, you never knew existed.

I personally like to use the Udisc app.

Udisc has come a long way in the disc golf scene. It’s now one of the best live score tracking apps to get live updates from tournaments and events from around the world.

When it comes to searching for new courses the Udisc app gives all the information you need about a course.

You can get it here for Apple and here from Google Play. Another superpower of the app is in scorekeeping for yourself and or others on your card as well. While this post won’t get into all the specs of the app it is an app that can be quite the tool for those who love the sport.

Private or public disc golf course

One important piece of info about a new to your course is whether it’s a public or private course. Private courses aren’t opened to the public and it’s not recommended to go to them. Usually, these courses on private land don’t have the insurance nor want the liability when you’re navigating through their land.

I don’t even bother going to private courses when finding them through the app. If I’m looking for something new there’s usually something around without worrying about trespassing.

While there are some private courses that you can gain permission to use by visiting the leagues that use the course or through Facebook groups, as a beginner I’d recommend just sticking to courses that are free for public use that you can visit regularly and get your practice time in.

Things to consider before visiting a new course

Before visiting a new course it’s always good to take into consideration a few points before getting disappointed and get the most out of your trek to somewhere new.

  • Conditions
  • Terrain
  • Restrooms
  • Water
  • Skill level

Not all courses are created equal. Most courses out there are rated and that usually will give you an idea of the condition of the course and how well maintained it is. Anything below two stars is probably not well kept up or easy to find your way around.

The terrain is something else to consider. While some courses in your neighborhood might feel like a walk through the park (because it is) others can be on mountains and hilly areas. These courses will have changing slopes and grades so good shoes will be something to think about. Plan on getting more exercise too.

Not all courses have accessible restrooms available. If you’re going to a course you don’t know anything about it could be helpful to use one nearby before starting.

Always bring your own water to a course new or not. Don’t rely on drinking fountains or vending machines. Bringing your own water ensures you play a round and stay hydrated.

Some courses are more challenging than others. Make sure you check the difficulty rating for the course. If it’s an intermediate to an advanced course, and you’re new to the sport go easy on yourself when things go array. Easier courses are usually pretty open and a great way to practice and improve but this in no way means to avoid difficult courses.

Disc golf course reviews

Disc golf course reviews really help the community understand the current conditions of a particular location. If you’re visiting a course for the first time go ahead and leave a review either on the Udisc app and or at DiscGolfCourseReview another great resource for finding new courses.

Anyone can leave a review and you don’t have to be an advanced player to do so. Everyone loves their home disc golf course but if you’re visiting a new one for the first time you could leave a review and point out concerns that might not be brought up enough in the local community. Make sure your reviews are short, helpful, and constructive.

Discovering events

Visiting a new course is a great way to get informed about local events you may not know about. If you’re checking out a new course in your local area, go at different times and days to get to know other friendly players and learn about local doubles and singles events. These could be weekly or monthly tournaments and a great way to improve your game.

Pack in and pack it out

It really can’t be said enough. Anywhere and everywhere, pack out what you pack in. Leave the course cleaner than you found it and respect the hard work that goes into having a course to play on.

I love discovering new courses

Even if you’re new get out there and find new courses. New views, new challenges, and new opportunity awaits! See you out there!

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