Top 7 Disc Golf Mid Range Discs

Innova Roc and Roc3


The Innova Roc is one of the most used and talked about mid-range discs in production. It just flies like a roc.


4 4 0 3
Speed Glide Turn Fade

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5 4 0 3
Speed Glide Turn Fade

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The Roc from Innova is as reliable as they get. Knowing you can throw this disc on any angle and watch it hold for days is key to approach shots and drives when needed.

The Roc and Roc3 are known for being super straight with a predictable fade and as you can see with the numbers a little bit of overstability. That means you can put some power behind this disc without turning it over. The Roc will fight the wind very well making it perfect for windy drives off the tee.

The Roc3 being a faster version of the disc works well as a driver and throws into the wind. In this case and for intermediate players id go with a heavier disc. Besides that, they’re the same disc. I’d say a beginner should get a Roc and in a lighter weight.

Don’t let that overstability fool you though. You can get the Roc to flip over with an anhyzer shot and watch it hold that line and straighten out. As a disc gets older it tends to become a little more understable. Many players carry the Roc in two or three different stages of its life to achieve predictable throws of different angles for this reason.

The rim is a little deeper than some other mids so their grip may feel interesting to beginners but they should not at all stray away from this disc. Pick one or two up in the DX plastic and practice with them and you will quickly see your confidence increase as you make the same shots again and again.

I’ll grab a Roc whenever I can. My wife has one in her bag and so does my daughter. I’ve seen reviews mention this disc as an intermediate disc and up but I’d disagree and would recommend it to all beginners to the sport. The DX plastic does have a better grip so get that one.



Why I Picked The Buzzz from Discraft

The Buzzz is a super straight flyer. Yes, three Zs’!

5 4 -1 1
Speed Glide Turn Fade

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Another one of those “most popular discs in the sport” disc is the Buzzz. You can find this disc in the bags of professionals and beginners alike.

The buzz flies so straight you’ll wonder why you need any other disc. That slight -1 fade will help turn your disc over, to extend your flight and achieve that super straight flight.

With a 1 fade ensures this disc fades at the end of its flight but with a little less overstability than the Innova Roc.

The grip on this disc is comfortable and should feel good for most hand sizes. A flat-top allows for easy release and makes the Buzzz perfect for approach shots and drives off the tee.

Like many popular discs, the Buzzz is available in so many plastic types. Most beginner players should choose the Pro D or the Z plastic types. As you fall in love with the buzz, which you will, you can check out their other plastic types.

Why I Picked The Mako 3, Innova

The Mako 3 is a very versatile disc.

5 4 0 0
Speed Glide Turn Fade

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When making approach shots and throws through the trees having a straight flyer is super important. The Mako 3 is your disc.

Zero-turn and zero-fade!?! Yup, that’s what makes this disc fly straight and hold the angles you put it on.

If you throw the mako flat it goes straight. put it on an anhyzer and it will turn over and hold that line. Throw it on a hyzer and to sticks without out wanting to turn over or fade too soon.

This disc is in my bag to get out of trouble and tight situations I find myself in. I also drive with this disc when I need just a touch of turn and limited to no fade.

Truth, Dynamic Discs

Another straight flyer and that’s the truth.

5 5 -1 1
Speed Glide Turn Fade

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The truth about the Truth from Discraft is that it’s another super straight flyer. Starting to see a pattern here? Most players want a mid-range disc to fly straight.

While this is a straight flyer is does have a reliable and predictable fade at the end of its flight. This can be super helpful when throwing into the wind. A little turn and a little fade go a long way to making a disc versatile and hold many different shot types.

The Truth is known for being a great disc for all types of players and arm speeds. The flat-top makes it easy to grip and just as easy to release.

MD3 Discmania

Fast with a reliable fade.

5 5 0 2
Speed Glide Turn Fade

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The MD3 from Discmania is fast and has a reliable fade. Go ahead and try to make this disc turn over.

The MD3 is a great mid-range disc for throwing in windy conditions and for shot shaping.

Discmania fans love the fact that this disc loves to fight the wind with a strong fade keeping it from flipping over.

For beginner players, this disc may just be a little too overstable but as you increase your arm speed you’ll gain more distance with this disc.

if you find it’s a little overstable check out the MD2 which has slightly less fade.

Shark 3, Innova

duunnn dunnn… duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn.

5 4 0 2
Speed Glide Turn Fade

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The Shark is a mid-range disc included in the Innova starter pack. Almost everyone has thrown a shark and despite what some will say I bet they loved it!

The Shark 3 is slightly faster and a little more overstable than the original Shark. It makes an excellent replacement for your DX shark as you improve your form. The original Shark only comes in the DX plastic while the Shark 3 is available in several plastic types.

Many will say it has the same flight characteristics as the Innova Roc and the Discraft Buzzz. The main difference is in the shape of the rim. The Shark and Shark 3 have a rim that is rounder and more comfortable is the hands and also makes for a smooth release.

Many long time players use the Shark3  to get out of tight spaces and to get a reliable distance in their approach with a predictable flight pattern. If you’re struggling with your drives try throwing this disc on your drives as it will help you improve your throwing form.

Warrant, Dynamic Discs

This disc warrants all that turn-over!

5 4 -2 0
Speed Glide Turn Fade

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look at all that turn! Need an understandable mid-range? Of course, you do! Everyone needs an understandable mid in their bag.

Many mid-range discs are slightly overstable for a predictable fade. But, sometimes you need shot-shaping and or more distance.

If you need a slight turn in your shot or need to wrap around an obstacle in your way an understandable disc can be helpful.

Understable discs are also great when you need to put less power behind a throw but still get the disc to turn over to reach a long and straight flight pattern.

If you feel your arm speed isn’t the best with the other mids mentioned here try an understandable mid like a Warrant and gain some distance in your approach shots.

Too many times players are recommended super overstable discs just to find they can’t get the same results as more advanced players. Many times I’ve seen intermediate players get their hands on an understandable mid and are pleasantly surprised at the increased distance and ease of throw.

About Mid-range Discs

Mid-range discs are often referred to as utility discs. They perform many tasks from driving in the woods, fighting the wind, long approach shots, rollers, carving through trees, and getting us out of those tight spaces.

Some players even putt with their mids for that extra weight and the way it feels in their hands. If the grip is right the grip is right.


Mid-range discs can be the most versatile discs we carry in our bags. You can drive with them, approach, and even putt with them in windy situations.

Having one mid that you can put into many angles and perform in many ways is great. Having one that just flips up fast and goes straight is important too.

Variety is the key just as well here, as when choosing your drivers and choosing your putters. Make sure you have a stable one, an overstable one, and an understandable one.

Just like drivers some pro players use one mold of the disc, like the Roc3, and have them in different life stages to achieve various disc stabilities.

I wrote a post on my favorite drivers. Check out Best Disc Golf Drivers for some awesome drivers.

Rim Types

Most mid-range discs come in either a round rim or a concave rim. This will really change the way the disc feels in your hands.

Players with smaller hands may have a harder time with concave rims but every player is different. Whenever possible feel the disc with your preferred grip before purchasing it.

Practice with your mid-range

Now that you’ve got your new discs it’s time to play a round with them. Leave your drivers behind. Throw all drives and approach shots with your new mids.

This will help you get to know your discs, how they fly, as well as how they perform in different wind situations.

Sometimes a disc is so good it forces a new grip style upon you. You fall in love with a new disc but it feels strange with your grip type. This is a perfect time to learn a new grip. It helps to ask another player who throws the same disc how they grip their disc.


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