Best Disc Golf Drivers

You will hear no name more than the Destroyer from Innova when it comes to distance drivers. It’s regularly found in pro events, stores, on the course, and used as prizes both on social networks and amateur tournaments.

While it might not be everyone’s favorite nor is it suited for every player it is in my opinion the disc of all discs in disc golf. Many try it, but not all master it.

There are a few others that come and go with trends and as players gather disc sponsors or move to a new disc sponsor.

What are the best disc golf drivers in the sport?

The most popular disc golf drivers are without a doubt:

There are obviously other great discs I intentionally left out to keep this list short and sweet. Read why I chose these discs and I’ll include a couple of bonus ones at the end!


Why I Picked the Innova destroyer

The Destroyer is a stable to overstable highspeed distance driver.

12 5 -1 3
Speed Glide Turn Fade

Click to get a Destroyer from infinitediscs

The Destroyer really needs to be thrown at high speeds to keep up with it’s optimal flight pattern. One of the reasons this disc is so popular is because you can put a lot of power behind the disc. This is especially important for players with stronger arms seeking to get maximum distance.

This disc has just enough turn in it’s flight to turn over, gain distance, and that strong fade will ensure this disc turns left at the end of it’s flight. The Destroyer can be thrown on many different lines and angles to achieve some great throws.

Many players who throw a Destroyer carry a few of them at different stages of their life from beat in discs to brand new ones.

The Destroyer does have a wide rim which allows it to cut through the wind and get up to speed. This will make it harder to throw for some players. If you have a strong arm and good form this disc is a must in your bag.


Why I Picked The Innova Firebird

The Firebird is a reliable overstable distance driver.

9 3 0 4
Speed Glide Turn Fade

Click to get a Firebird from infinitediscs

Look at all that fade! The Firebird is a disc you can rely on to have a strong hook at the end of your flight.

This is perfect for fighting the wind. If there’s a strong crosswind the firebird will resist flipping over and maintain its flight path.

In a situation where there’s an obstacle like a tree in the way, the firebird will get you around it. With such a strong fade the Firebird is known for its ability to carve a path you set for it.

Likewise, if the fairway route has a sharp left turn the Firebird with its strong fade will insure it hooks left and staying on the green.

A super overstable disc is a must-have in every bag.

Why I Picked The Innova Wraith

The Wraith is a stable to overstable driver.

11 5 -1 3
Speed Glide Turn Fade

Click to get a Wraith from infinitediscs

The flex shot has to be one of the coolest throws to watch in the sport of disc golf. Throw this disc on a slight anhyzer and watch it head to the right and predictably fade to the left at the very end of its flight.

Hook around trees, get over obstacles, or just add distance with this highly popular stable driver. The Wraith is another multi-functional disc everyone should try.

With a speed of 11, it can handle the wind and strong throws. Watch the pros and advanced players do magic on the course with this disc and you’ll see why it’s a must-have.

No surprise I have one in my bag and love it for my flex shots and forehand throws as well.

Bonus Drivers!

While these drivers would be a great addition to any bag I realize it’s only three discs.

These are the discs I have and personally have got quite comfortable with.

However other manufactures make discs that have the same flight patterns and are expected to perform in a similar matter.

It really doesn’t matter what brands you choose so let me list the three from Discraft that will get you the same results.

Click to get a Nuke from infinitediscs With almost the same flight numbers as the Destroyer, the Nuke from Discraft is the distance driver of choice for Discraft fans.

13 5 -1 3
Speed Glide Turn Fade

Click to get a Raptor from infinitediscs The Raptor from Discraft is a highly popular overstable disc that has a similar flight pattern as the Firebird.

9 4 0 3
Speed Glide Turn Fade

Click to get a Surge from infinitediscs The Surge is one of Discraft’s signature discs. Stable with great control and similar flights to the Wraith mentioned above.

11 5 -1 3
Speed Glide Turn Fade

About Distance Drivers

Distance drivers are by far a one size fits all solution. You have to get out and feel them, throw them, and see if they’ll make a good fit in your bag.

The drivers mentioned here are a good rule of thumb of the various drivers you’ll need to improve your game.

All disc golf manufacturers make discs similar to these. It’s not important what brand you use, but why you have a driver in your bag, and knowing what it’s good for!

Need help choosing mid-range discs? Check out this post I wrote Best Mid-Range Discs and see my favorites.

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