Best Disc Golf Bags

Buying a disc golf bag can be a difficult decision. You’ve started a new sport and have gotten along just fine with a small backpack or reusable grocery bag but now you’re thinking about taking the plunge.

With a range of bags out there it can be a challenging choice to make. I’ve compiled some of the most popular disc golf bags on the market to help you decide from the affordable to the luxury.

Bag Name Brand Price Discs Skill Level Type
Weekender Discraft $15 6-8 Casual Strap
Slinger Infinite Discs $20 10 Casual Sling
Trooper Dynamic Discs $40 18+ Beginner Backpack
Soldier Cooler Dynamic Discs $64 12-18 Beginner/Intermediate Arm or Shoulder Strap
Superhero Innova $110 32+ Intermediate  Backpack
Ranger Dynamic Discs $174 18+ Intermediate Backpack
 BX2 & AX4 Grip EQ $180+ 18-22 Intermediate/Advanced Backpack



Bag Name Brand Price Discs
Weekender Discraft $15 6-8
Slinger Infinite Discs $20 10
Trooper Dynamic Discs $40 18+
Soldier Cooler Dynamic Discs $64 12-18
Superhero Innova $110 32+
Ranger Dynamic Discs $174 18+
 BX2 & AX4 Grip EQ $180+ 18-22



Weekender, Discraft

This bag is the perfect bag for those just starting out in the sport. It holds 6-8 discs, a water bottle, and has a small pocket for keys and a wallet.

This type of bag is not just for beginners. Advanced players can find many reasons to own this bag. Playing with friends new to the sport, having around for your kids to use, and or for those small events or friendly rounds where you only play with one or three discs.

I have this bag and another from Innova. They’re the perfect bag for light loads.

Pros: Cons:
Affordable Unstable on ground
Light and compact Fussy Strap
Makes for quick play
Perfect Beginner Bag

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Slinger, Infinite Discs

I’ll be honest, I haven’t heard about this bag until now while doing research for this post. I thought I was just going to write about bags I’ve actually used, seen on the course, or tries a friends on. But this bag made an exception.

What I love about this bag is it’s affordable, small, and just downright cool looking. When you’re starting out in this sport it’s nice to have a smaller bag that won’t take up to much room in your trunk or house. Many folks when starting use a backpack or similar bag and this is the perfect affordable replacement for your backpacks used for other reasons.

The Slinger holds up to 10 discs and has a pocket for your two go to discs. There’s even a pouch on the front for your putters!

With zippered pockets, water bottle holder, and a comfortable shoulder strap this bag is a must if you’re looking for something simple and small without sacrificing functionality.

Pros: Cons:
Affordable Unstable on ground
Light and compact Unorganized discs
Holds large water bottles
Perfect Beginner Bag
Lots of colors

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Trooper, Dynamic Discs

So you’re starting to carry more discs on the course and you need a backpack! Great! Backpack bags hold more discs, have more pockets, and fit more comfortably.

The Trooper holds 18. discs and 3-4 putters in the top pocket. This is a great backpack style bag for those just starting out and or on a budget.

With two pockets to hold your wallet, keys, phone, and other accessories this bag will keep you organized and your belongings safe and sound. Add your water bottle and this bag will do just fine for $40.

It comes in 3 different colors to fit your style.

Pros: Cons:
Affordable Small investment
Holds 18+ discs May fall over
Perfect Beginner Bag
Top putter pocket
Extra storage

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Soldier Cooler, Dynamic Discs

While this bag only holds 10-12 discs it has a cooler!!! If you don’t need a cooler then it holds up to 18 discs.

This type of bag is highly popular and you don’t have to get one with a cooler but let me tell you it comes in handy. Some rounds can be quite long if playing in tournaments. When your friend offers to put your drink in their cold cooler you take notice.

This bag has plenty of pocket space for your valuables and a putter pocket.

This type of bag usually comes with a shoulder strap but it’s very popular to use a backpack style strap. You can check out the straps here. Personally, I like the Innova one that I used on my very first bag similar to this one. As you carry more discs or drinks in these types of bags a backpack style straps are a must for comfort during your rounds.

Pros: Cons:
Affordable Shoulder strap not ideal for loaded bag
Holds 18+ discs Your friends will ask to carry their drinks!
Perfect Beginner Bag
It has a cooler
Available without cooler

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Super Heropack, Innova

Probably one of the most popular bags on the market is the Heropack from Innova and for good reasons.

This bag can hold up to 32+ discs and all your other belonging a disc golf bag should carry. With expandable side pockets, inner zippered storage, and a raised putter pocket this bag is great for intermediate players looking for comfort and functionality.

The Innova Super Heropack is available in several colors and even comes in a vinyl red material for extra waterproof protection!

Pros: Cons:
Affordable Small investment
Holds 32 discs Nothing more to say
Perfect Beginner Bag
Top putter pocket
Expandable side pockets
Color options

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Ranger, Dynamic Discs

Ready for options galore and affordability? The Discraft Ranger has so many pockets, disk space, and style you don’t need to look much further.

This bag is just made right. Shoulder straps are comfortable and the part that goes against your back is molded for the best fit. You can comfortably carry around 18+ discs all day with this backpack style bag.

The ranger bag has been through many changes that keep making it better and better as the years go by. I’ve tried this bag several times and not only does it fit well but looks great too.

It’s a step up in price compared to other bags it’s size but it’s worth every penny. Oh and offers free shipping on this bag so that’s a discount in itself!

Pros: Cons:
Extra storage Small investment
Holds 18+ discs Small side pockets
Perfect Beginner Bag
Top putter pocket
Free Shipping!

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BX2 Series, Grip EQ


Last but definitely not least is the Grip EQ BX2 Series bag that I personally own and love!

This bag has quality and durability I haven’t been able to find in a disc golf bag until now. From the fabric, straps and lumbar support, one touch of this bag and you’ll see the difference.

A lot of backpack style bags have issues with standing upright but not this bag. It’s firm and it’s inner supports keep it upright even when placed on a slope or hill.

So many pockets and expandable side pockets will keep all your belonging safe and sound. Plenty of room for drinks or the rainfly on those not so dry days.

If you’ve owned a few bags, been looking for quality, and don’t mind spending a little bit more this bag is for you. If just feels like a bag that belongs outdoors and in the elements. I’ve had my bag for a few years now and it has totally withstood the harsh weather and changing climates here in Hawaii.

3 different colors to choose from and only available through Grip EQ’s website. Get yours today and thank me later.

Side Note: While all the other bags linked here are affiliate links and I receive a small payment if you use the links provided, this bag and link have no affiliate program. I just love this bag and it wouldn’t be right not to list it!


Pros: Cons:
Extra storage Small investment
Holds 32 discs Cover sold separately
Top putter pocket
Expandable side pockets


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