Best disc golf drivers for beginners that anyone can throw

The best disc golf drivers for beginners should be easy to throw, achieve good distance, and should be a disc you can use for years to come. Beginner drivers are suitable for all levels of players so don’t underestimate these discs and think they’re only for beginners.

The most popular disc golf drivers for beginners to achieve great flights are:

  1. Innova, Leopard
  2. Dynamic Discs, Breakout
  3. Innova, Valkyrie
  4. Discraft, Archer
  5. Innova, TeeBird
  6. Latitude 64, River
  7. Discraft, Avenger SS

Why Do I Need Beginner Drivers

Something about the sound of “beginner drivers” sounds so unexciting. We want distance and we want it now! I know I know and so did I.

So I went out and made the same mistake like so many before me and bought a high-speed driver to get maximum distance! The fastest I could find I think.

I learned pretty fast that these high-speed drivers are hard to throw and very hard to control. When we’re starting out in disc golf we need beginner drivers for one simple reason and that is control. Beginner discs are easy to grip, easy to release, and easy to get good distance while learning control.

What Makes These Discs Great For Beginners


These discs have smaller rims that are easier to grip. Comfort is important when playing and being able to get all your fingers under the disc for a good grip will improve your distance.

High-speed drivers that require a lot more power have rims up three times the size of these drivers. They’re awkward to get a good grip on and get them spinning for optimal flight.


Similar to grip the timing of the release is very important for accuracy and to get our throws down the line we intended.

Discs with smaller rims like these beginner drivers will be easier to hold onto until just the right time as they release from your hand right down your line.

Wide rim discs are known for early releases and ultimately your disc traveling in the wrong direction.


When you fall in love with disc golf you’ll fall in love with watching that long flight down the fairway turning and fading towards the basket.

That wouldn’t be very fun if your disc never went anywhere. Distance is the main thing new players think about in terms of improvement.

These discs are mostly understable discs. If you give them a good throw they’ll turn over for you and help you improve your distance in no time.

While they may not all be labeled distance drives (some are labeled Fairway Drivers) these discs will still get you going plenty far with conditions such as tailwind and various course layouts.

Will I Outgrow Beginner Drivers

Discs that are perfect for beginners are usually slower speed discs. It doesn’t matter if they’re understable, stable, or overstable. Slower speed discs are better when just starting out.

You’ll likely keep your new discs for a few years so even if you outgrow your discs don’t worry about it happening overnight.

As you progress in your form and arm speed you’ll either replace your discs with the same disc in a better plastic or “disc up” and get a similar disc in a higher speed mold.

“Disc-ing up” usually means throwing a disc with a similar flight path like a 9 5 -2 2 which is a slower stable disc and instead of throwing a faster stable disc 11 5 -2 2. Same flight path but faster disc for better wind resistance or longer flights.

As your arm speed improves you’ll understand why it’s not always best to have slower discs. You won’t get the desired flight if you throw them too hard. Do not be in a rush to disc up though.

Start With Drivers That Are Easy To Find

I always recommend sticking to well-known brands. They are the brands and discs you will hear about when talking with more advanced players than yourself and other beginners.

The top brands are what you’ll find in sports shops, easily online, and sold at events and tournaments.
They’re easy to find and replace if you lose a disc too.

Yes, there are a dozen great brands to choose from but accessibility and familiarity are great too. Having discs that are widely used makes your learning of the sport go a long way.

Later if you choose you can use more obscured discs or support a particular brand because of many reasons. The point, for now, is to learn the sport and flight mechanics.

Best Disc Golf Drivers For Beginners

Leopard, Innova

6 5 -2 1
Speed Glide Turn Fade

An easy to throw speed 6! This disc is always the most popular beginner driver for a reason. A good amount of glide for longer flights. This disc turns over easily with a -2 turn and fades back nicely with a 1 fade. This disc is a must for any beginner and loved by advanced players alike.

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Valkyrie, Innova

9 4 -2 2
Speed Glide Turn Fade

At a speed 9 don’t let this disc fool you. This disc is easy to throw with a low glide to ensure it stays low. Perfect for throwing in the trees. With a -2 turn and a 2 fade, this disc is what we call a stable driver. Send it on its way and watch it land right in front of you.

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Breakout, Dynamic Discs

8 5 -1 1.5
Speed Glide Turn Fade

This disc is a bit faster than other beginner discs. Great for throwing into a headwind and for players with stronger arm speed. With a -1 turn and 1.5, it will get that nice flight with a predictable hard fade at the end.

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Archer, Discraft

6 5 -3 1
Speed Glide Turn Fade

The archer is well known and loved for its under-stability and ease to pop up and get longer flights. With a low fade, you’re bound to get longer and straighter flights. This is a must-have disc for Discraft lovers!

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TeeBird, Innova

7 5 0 2
Speed Glide Turn Fade

Every disc golfer needs an overstable disc in their bag. The teeBird will fly easily with a speed of 7 and finish with a hard fade to the left making it predictable and reliable in the wind. With no turn, you can throw it in a crosswind and know it won’t turn over too easily during its flight and will fight that crosswind to stay in the air longer.

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River, Latitude 64

7 7 -1 1
Speed Glide Turn Fade

The River by Latitude 64 is the only disc in this list from a brand not always readily available nor mentioned as the others but it is a must-try for beginners. A super high glide of a 7 will keep it in the air longer. A stable flight with a 1 turn and a 1 fade will ensure straight or flex flights.

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Avenger SS, Discraft

10 5 -3 1
Speed Glide Turn Fade

The Avenger is the fastest disc in this list of disc golf drivers for beginners but it’s important to remember not all beginners are the same. If you have a naturally faster arm speed you definitely want to check this disc out. With a -3 turn, it will easily pop up for you getting longer flights. If you have slower arm speeds this disc may still fly well for you in a tailwind.

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“Here Try This!”

There is no magic formula for finding the discs that are right for you. Throwing your disc and learning flight mechanics are super helpful along with throwing other discs. When someone tells you to try this disc give it a try. You’ll never know what you might get out of it.

Likewise, if you’re learning with others let them try out your disc as well. You just may have a disc that works perfectly for them too.

Try out these discs and add some distance and predictability to your disc golf game.

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